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Thread: On this day.

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    3 October

    On 3 October 1808, the French brig Palinure, engaged the British Cruizer-class brig-sloop HMS Carnation, under Commander Charles Mars Gregory, 180 miles northeast of Martinique.

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    4 October

    The Action of 4 October 1710, took place during the Great Northern War, in Køge Bay, just south of Copenhagen.

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    5 October

    The Battle of Cape Santa Maria (also known as the Battle of Cape St Mary; in Spanish Batalla del Cabo de Santa María) was a naval action that took place on 5 October 1804 off the southern Portuguese coast.

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    6 October

    The Action of 6 October 1779 was a minor but famous and furious naval engagement that took part in the early stages of the war between Britain and France in the American War of Independence between the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Quebec and the frigate Surveillante of the French Navy.

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    7 October

    The Action of 7 October 1795 was a naval engagement of the French Revolutionary Wars during which a French squadron led by Rear-Admiral Joseph de Richery captured a large British convoy of thirty-one merchant vessels.

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    8 October

    On the 8th of October, 1808, the HMS Modeste (44) captured the French corvette Iéna (18) in the Bay of Bengal.éna

    On 8 October 1800, at 8:00 A.M., the British schooner HMS Gipsy, with 10 long 4-pounders and 42 men commanded by Lieutenant Coryndon Boger, was cruising off the north end of Guadeloupe when she sighted and gave chase to the armed sloop Quidproquo.

    1812 - A boat party under Lt. Jesse D. Elliott captures HMS Detroit and Caledonia in the Niagara River.

    1842 - Commodore Lawrence Kearny of USS Constitution addresses a letter to the Viceroy of China, urging that American merchants in China be granted the same treaty privileges as the British. His negotiations are successful.

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    9 October

    On 9 October 1812, HMS Caledonia and HMS Detroit (formerly the American armed brig Adams, which had been captured after the Siege of Detroit) were anchored near Fort Erie in the upper reaches of the Niagara River. An American boat expedition commanded by Lieutenant Jesse Elliott captured the two ships.

    On 9 October 1799 HMS Lutine sank with the loss of 240 men and a cargo worth £1,200,000.

    The USNI was started at the U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis on 9 October, 1873.

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    10 October

    On the 10th of October 1795, the HMS Mermaid captured the French brig Brutus.

    The Great Hurricane of 1780, also known as Huracán San Calixto, the Great Hurricane of the Antilles, and the 1780 Disaster is probably the deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record.

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    11 October

    The naval Battle of Valcour Island, also known as the Battle of Valcour Bay, took place on October 11, 1776, on Lake Champlain.

    1824 - Marquis de Lafayette visits the Washington Navy Yard during his yearlong tour of America. He returned to the yard October 12, to continue his visit.

    The Battle of Camperdown (known in Dutch as the Zeeslag bij Kamperduin) was a major naval action fought on 11 October 1797, between a Royal Navy fleet under Admiral Adam Duncan and a Dutch Navy fleet under Vice-Admiral Jan de Winter.

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    12 October

    USS Boston was cruising about six hundred miles northeast of Guadeloupe when, on the morning of Sunday, 12 October 1800, she sighted a ship and a schooner. They separated, and she chased the ship. The ship proved to be the French national ship Le Berceau.

    The Battle of Tory Island (sometimes called the Battle of Donegal, Battle of Lough Swilly or Warren's Action) was a naval action of the French Revolutionary Wars, fought on 12 October 1798 between French and British squadrons off the northwest coast of County Donegal, then in the Kingdom of Ireland.

    The Battle of Havana was an engagement that occurred on 12 October 1748 between the British Caribbean squadron and a Spanish squadron based near Havana.

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    13 October

    On 13 October 1775 the United States Continental Congress orders the establishment of the Continental Navy (later renamed the United States Navy).

    The Action of 13 October 1644 took place north-west of the island of Fehmarn, now part of Germany, in the Baltic Sea.

    The Action of 13 October 1796 was a minor naval battle of the French Revolutionary Wars, fought off the coast of Spain between the 32-gun HMS Terpsichore under Captain Richard Bowen and the Spanish 34-gun frigate Mahonesa under Don Tomás de Ayalde.

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    14 October

    Between 13 and 14 October [the HMS] Racoon [a brig-sloop armed with 16 x 32-pounder carronades and 2 x 6-pounder bow chasers] captured four French schooners and a cutter.

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    15 October


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    16 October

    The Action of 16 October 1799 was a minor naval engagement during the French Revolutionary Wars between a squadron of British Royal Navy frigates and two frigates of the Spanish Navy close to the Spanish naval port of Vigo in Galicia.

    October 16, 1795: ·Barras helps Napoleon win promotion to Commander of the Army of the Interior.

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    17 October

    On 17 October 1807 the British brig Superieure encountered the French schooner privateer Jopo L'Oeil about 120 leagues east of Barbados.

    HMS Undaunted was a Lively-class fifth-rate 38-gun sailing frigate of the British Royal Navy, built during the Napoleonic Wars, which conveyed Napoleon to his first exile on the island of Elba in early 1814.

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    18 October

    On 18 October 1812 the 44-gun frigate USS President, under the command of Commodore John Rodgers, captured the British Jamaica packet Swallow off the great Bank of Newfoundland.

    The capture of HMS Frolic was a naval action fought in the Atlantic on 18 October 1812, between the sloop-of-war USS Wasp, commanded by Master Commandant Jacob Jones, and the Cruizer class brig-sloop HMS Frolic, under Commander Thomas Whinyates.

    The Action of 18 October 1782 was a minor naval engagement of the American War of Independence, in which the French 74-gun ship of the line Scipion, accompanied by a frigate, was chased by two ships of the line, HMS London and Torbay.

    Our story begins at the Battle of Tory Island (sometimes called the Battle of Donegal, Battle of Lough Swilly or Warren's Action) was a naval action of the French Revolutionary Wars, fought on 12 October 1798 between French and British squadrons off the northwest coast of County Donegal, then in the Kingdom of Ireland.

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    19 October

    On this date 19 October 1781 British surrender at Yorktown.

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    20 October

    The Capture of the William refers to a small single ship action fought on 20 October 1720 between Calico Jack's pirate ship and a British sloop-of-war from Port Royal, Jamaica.

    On 20 October 1798 the brig-sloop HMS Racoon captured the Vigilante.

    On the morning of 20 October 1798, the French frigate Immortalité, under Captain Jean-François Legrand, was approaching Brest when he was spotted by Captain Thomas Byam Martin of HMS Fisgard. Fisgard, part of the inshore squadron of the Brest blockade, immediately offered battle.

    The Action of 20 October 1793 was a minor naval engagement of the French Revolutionary Wars fought off Cape Barfleur on the French coast of the English Channel.

    The naval Battle of Navarino was fought on 20 October 1827, during the Greek War of Independence (1821–32), in Navarino Bay (modern-day Pylos), on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, in the Ionian Sea.

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    21 October

    On 21 October 1797 USS Constitution was launched.

    The Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805) was a naval engagement fought by the British Royal Navy against the combined fleets of the French Navy and Spanish Navy, during the War of the Third Coalition (August–December 1805) of the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815).

    The Action of 21 October 1794 was a minor naval engagement fought off the Breton coast of France during the second year of the French Revolutionary Wars.

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    22 October

    The Action of 22 October 1794 took place when a small French frigate squadron under Captain Jean-Marie Renaud attempted to lift the British blockade of Isle de France (now Mauritius).

    Scilly naval disaster of 1707 is an umbrella term for the events of 22 October 1707 that led to the sinking of a British naval fleet off the Isles of Scilly. With four large ships and more than 1,400 sailors lost in stormy weather, it was one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of the British Isles. It was later determined that the main cause of the disaster was the navigators' inability to accurately calculate their positions.

    The Battle of Liaoluo Bay resulted in a Dutch defeat on 22 October 1633 off the coasts of Fujian and Kinmen.
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    23 October


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    24 October

    The Action of 24 October 1793 was a minor naval engagement during the first year of the French Revolutionary Wars. While cruising in the Northern Bay of Biscay, the British Royal Navy frigate HMS Thames, under Captain James Cotes, encountered the much larger French frigate Uranie, under Captain Jean-François Tartu.

    The Action of 24 October 1798 was a minor naval engagement of the French Revolutionary Wars, fought between a British Royal Navy frigate and two ships of the Batavian Republic.

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    25 October

    The Second Battle of Cape Finisterre was a naval battle which took place on 25 October 1747 during the War of the Austrian Succession.

    The USS Enterprise vs Flambeau was a single ship action fought on 25 October 1800 during the Quasi-War.

    The capture of HMS Macedonian was a naval action fought near Madeira on 25 October 1812 between the frigates USS United States, commanded by Stephen Decatur, and HMS Macedonian, under the command of John Surman Carden.

    St. Crispin's Day and The Battle of Agincourt October 25, 1415
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    26 October

    In the Battle of Myeongnyang, on October 26, 1597, the Joseon Admiral Yi Sun-sin fought the Japanese navy in the Myeongnyang Strait, near Jindo Island, off the southwest point of the Korean peninsula.

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    27 October


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    28 October

    The Royal Marines were formed as part of the Naval Service in 1755. However, it can trace its origins back as far as 28 October 1664 when at the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company "the Duke of York and Albanys maritime regiment of foot" was first formed.

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    29 October

    On this day 29 October - a skirmish on the Nile with declarations of denial.

    1814 - Launching of Fulton I, first American steam powered warship, at New York City. The ship was designed by Robert Fulton.

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    30 October

    On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress appoints seven members to serve on an administrative naval committee tasked with the acquisition, outfitting and manning of a naval fleet to be used in defense against the British.

    1775 - Congress authorizes four vessels for the defense of the United Colonies.

    1799 - William Balch becomes the Navy's first commissioned chaplain.

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    31 October

    On this day 31 October - the capture of the Santísima Trinidad (1751)

    On 31 October 1803 USS Philadelphia, under the command of Captain William Bainbridge, ran aground on an uncharted reef off Tripoli Harbor.

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    1 November


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    2 November


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    3 November

    On the afternoon of the 3rd of November 1758, the HMS Buckingham (70), under the command of Richard Tyrrell, and the HMS Weazel (14) spot a convoy off Sint Eustatius. The convoy was being escorted by the Florissant (74), Aigette (38), and Atalante (28).

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    4 November

    The Battle of Cape St Vincent of 1641 took place on 4 November 1641 between a Spanish fleet commanded by Don Juan Alonso de Idiáquez y Robles and a Dutch fleet led by Artus Gijsels during the Eighty Years' War.

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    5 November

    The Action of 5 November 1813 was a brief naval clash during the Napoleonic Wars, between part of the British Mediterranean Fleet led by Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Pellew, and a French force under Rear-Admiral Julien Cosmao-Kerjulien.

    1775 - Commodore Esek Hopkins appointed as commander in chief of the Continental Navy.

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    6 November

    The Action of 6 November 1794 (Known in French as the Combat du 16 Brumaire an III) was a naval engagement during the French Revolutionary Wars. Two British ships of the line, HMS Alexander and HMS Canada were intercepted while returning to Britain through the Celtic Sea by a large French squadron.

    The Action of 6 November 1772 took place on 6, 7 and 8 November 1772, during the Russo-Turkish War (1768-74) in the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth, Greece, when a Russian fleet under Konyaev defeated an Ottoman force of frigates and xebecs, destroying all 9 frigates and 10 out of 16 xebecs and losing no ships.

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    7 November

    1800 HMS Netley (16), Lt. Francis Godolphin Bond, captured Spanish privateer schooner San Miguel (9) off Lisbon. Netley was built to a design by Sir Samuel Bentham.

    1808 HMS Excellent (74), Cptn. John West, and HMS Meteor engaged French land forces at Rosas.

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    8 November

    The naval Battle of the Sound took place on 8 November 1658 (29 October O.S.) during the Second Northern War, near the Sound or Oresund, just north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

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    9 November

    The Action of 9 November 1822 was a naval battle fought between the American schooner USS Alligator and a squadron of three piratical schooners off the coast of Cuba during the United States Navy's West Indies Anti-Piracy Operation.

    On the 9th Captain Ussher sent the boats of the Undaunted, under the orders of Lieutenant Joseph Robert Hownam, assisted by Lieutenant Thomas Hastings and Lieutenant of marines Harry Hunt, also the boats of the Guadeloupe brig, under Lieutenant George Hurst and Mr. Alexander Lewis the master, into Port-Nouvelle. The batteries were stormed and carried in the most gallant manner, and two vessels captured and five destroyed, without a casualty.

    On 9 November 1806, the 28-gun ship-sloop HMS Dart, with the 18-gun brig-sloop HMS Wolverine in company, captured the 8-gun privateer Jeune Gabrielle.

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    10 November

    The United States Marine Corps traces its institutional roots to the Continental Marines of the American Revolutionary War, formed by Captain Samuel Nicholas by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress on 10 November 1775, to raise 2 battalions of Marines.

    1808 - HMS Amethyst (36), Cptn. Michael Seymour, captured French frigate Thetis (44), Cptn. Pinsun (Killed in Action).

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    11 November

    The Action of 11 November 1779 was a minor naval engagement between the British Royal Naval frigate 28-gun frigate HMS Tartar and the Spanish frigate Santa Margarita off Lisbon during the American War of Independence.

    The Battle of Taranto took place on the night of 11–12 November 1940 during the Second World War.

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    12 November

    On this day 12 November - the HMS Galatea captures the French Réunion.éunion

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    13 November

    The Action of 13 November 1943 was a submarine engagement of World War II. It resulted in the sinking of the Japanese Navy's Kaidai Junsen Type B1 submarine I-34 in the Strait of Malacca by the British Royal Navy submarine HMS Taurus.

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    14 November

    On the 14th of November, the HMS Cerberus (32) captured the French Privateer Le Renard (6).

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    15 November


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    16 November

    The Battle of the Dalmatian Channels was a three-day confrontation between three tactical groups of the Yugoslav Navy ships and coastal artillery and a detachment of naval commandos of the Croatian Navy, fought on 14–16 November 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence.

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    17 November


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    18 November

    The Action of 18 November 1809 was the most significant engagement of a six month cruise by a French frigate squadron in the Indian Ocean during the Napoleonic Wars.

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    19 November

    Captain David Porter claims Marquesas Islands for the United States.

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    20 November

    On 20 November 1820 the Essex, an American whaleship from Nantucket, Massachusetts and captained by George Pollard Jr., was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in the southern Pacific Ocean.

    20th November 1806 - Boats of HMS Success (32), Captain John Ayscough, captured the privateer felucca Le Vengeur, in Hidden Port near Cumberland Harbour, Cuba.

    Boats of HMS Orpheus (32), Captain Thomas Briggs, captured the Spanish schooner Dolores (3) in Campeachy Bay.

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    21 November

    1806 - HMS Dedaigneuse (36), Captain William Beauchamp Proctor, engaged the French frigate Semillante off Mauritius.


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