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Thread: "I Saw 3 Ships..." Part 2

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    Default "I Saw 3 Ships..." Part 2

    As promised, following is the continuation of the sea battle my wife and I had started but couldn't quite finish. To recap, her squadron's objective is to keep my Montagne from exiting the far end of the table. She has three "fast" 74s to accomplish this; whereas I have one slower, but slightly more powerful, 74 to aid me.

    "I Saw Three Ships ..." ala Sails of Glory: part 2

    sadly, we had to cut our game short yesterday, but we weren't going to let a minor family emergency get in the way of finishing our scenario, so here's the rest of it...ENJOY!

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    so, hi everybody! we're back's time to pick up where we left off yesterday

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    i begin by veering more toward Mikes Redoubtable, but he also veers, bringing his forward port guns into play...and fires high at my HMS Zealous at close range

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    ...i reply with continuous fire, aiming at his hull, causing almost minimal damage, but his limited volley caused a FIRE! (fires are BAAAD!!!)

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    then, running side by side, our two SoLs continue pounding each other with ineffectual broadsides at close range...

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    ...causing a nerve-wracking contest of wills as damage is so minimal due to both ships not daring to take the time necessary for a disciplined reloading...let's see how lucky i get THIS time

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    WOW! suddenly, my HMS Zealous causes some serious damage aaand shatters TWO of the Redoubtable's masts...

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    ...finally forcing her to STRIKE her colors....YESSSS! one down, one to go!!!

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    but there's no time for celebrating. as Mike's Montagne charges toward my line, my flagship, HMS Bellona, throws a fresh broadside into the monster's bow at close range...

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    ...causing some appreciable damage, including a hit on her rudder aaaand a FIRE!

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    but undaunted, she still plows forward...

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    ...and as she tries to breach the British "wall of oak" between my flagship and the HMS Belleraphon, a 4-ship duel ensues...

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    ...with vast amounts of "heavy metal" flying everywhere!

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    even so, she's tough and is able to break through...

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    ...leaving her companion, the surrendered Redoubtable, behind and barely afloat as her crew can do nothing except man her pumps!!!

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    me not wanting to distract my enemy while he's making a mistake , i let the Montagne pass, allowing my HMS Belleraphon to close and rake its stern with a full broadside of GRAPE at point blank range...

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    ...causing horrific damage...especially against her crew (ouch)!!!

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    but the contest isn't over YET...Mike's wounded Montagne has broken through and is nearing its goal. but while my haggard squadron scrambles to stop her, she rakes HMS Zealous at long range...

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    ...slowing her down considerably. rats!!!
    many of my ships have lost a lot of sail, aaand have limited steerage due to rudder damage...but i just can't let her get away!!!

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    though roughly handled, my HMS Zealous, ever living up to her name, reaches her first...

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    ...and rakes HER in the stern as revenge with ball at close range...

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    ...causing damage but, most notably, knocking out a lot more of her crew...something she has very little of left!!!

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    as Mike still "reaches" for the end of the table, HMS Zealous continues its vengeful fire, though now at long range...

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    ...knocking out even MORE crew (i'll take that) and causing a LEAK! yesss!!!

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    but, even though she's severely mauled, the Montagne still has a sting...she throws a long range broadside at my flagship with what few guns her limited crew can man...

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    ...while she's about to cross over her goal. Mike's poor drifting Redoubtable just watches from afar

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    omg...that monster's almost there! this is's now or never...i just need...

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    and the Montagne STRIKES ITS COLORS!!! Mike surrenders...

    Name:  46_IMG_1088_mod(s).jpg
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Size:  655.3 KB, woo, HOO! i WIN!!!

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    the "Butcher's Bill"...the Montagne...a really tough nut to crack...

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    ...the poor Redoubtable...(at the point of its striking)...

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    ...the HMS Zealous...took a severe beating but never let HERO! ...

    Name:  49_IMG_1095(s).jpg
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Size:  693.7 KB flagship, the Bellona...barely even scratched...

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    ...and finally, the Belleraphon...who also fought the good fight.

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    so, we finally revisited the scenario we'd attempted a year or two ago and brought it to a more significant conclusion....aaaand i WON!!! what's not to like?
    i LOVE these games!!!

    And that's the way it went down; or should I say that's the way my FLAGS went down! It was a very near near in fact, it was concluded the instant I was about to reach my objective.

    Tomorrow, our friend will be joining us in the ACTUAL replay of the past unfinished scenario; SIX ships to my two. Hmm, we'll see how THAT turns out...

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    Yet anothe nail biter of a finish. You could almodt call it a cliff hanger, or at least an edge of the world hanger.
    Well done the Brits.

    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Great AAR, I like the big pictures, and what a photo-finish at the end !!!

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    Mike as Rob said, that was a nail bitter, right to the end. I thought you had made it, against the odds in my opinion. I like your wife's enthusiasm making the right moves and even more so in drawing the right chits, of course she does seem to take great delight in her victory, and so she should.

    An enjoyable AAR, thanks for posting it and congratulations to you both.

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    Great game, thanks for letting us in on the action


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