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    Treasure Islands
    My version of the 2014 Campaign scenario, Treasure Islands, by Nightmosse:

    Acting Capitaine de Vaisseu, Gabriel Parese, scanned the islands with his spy glass. Yes, this was the place where the Hermoine had sunk the Spanish galleon…with minimal assistance from the squadron commander, Armand Lamontange, in the Dryade. It had not been Gabriel’s intention to sink the galleon but the Spanish ship was obviously in poor shape and readily succumbed to the Hermione’s broadsides. The crew of the Hermione had barely enough time to rescue the treasure…and, er, the Spanish crew, of course. When it came to denying Neptune all sailors were family.

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    Gabriel disliked Armand. He fancied it was because Armand was untrustworthy – a slimy, lizard – a villain. Gabriel had no shortage of nasty words to describe Armand. Loading the Spanish treasure, Gabriel acted on impulse - or hatred of Armand if you will; although Gabriel justified it in protecting the treasure for France and away from the greedy Armand - and hide four of the treasure chests with the most valuable items that together probably was more valuable than all the rest. When the Dryade came alongside Armand ordered the treasure to be transferred to the Dryade. Later, Gabriel discovered that a little of the treasure never made it to the French treasury - probably less than a third of what had been transferred to the Dryade, but that was later. At the moment the Hermione stayed back – for repair of battle damage, Gabriel told Armand, but the real reason was to hide the four treasure chests. Now was the time to recover that treasure, which should have been easy enough. There were just three, wee problems – one, they had only half the information. One needed two maps for the precise locations and they had only one of the maps. His recently deceased first mate had given the other map to Armand Lamontange along with the information that Hermione’s crew had hidden some of the Spanish treasure. That was the second problem, Gabriel and the rest of the Hermione’s crew were now considered traitors. Gabriel had been warned by a friend that Lamontange had orders to arrest the crew. The Hermione had slipped was but no doubt one of the other French ships was in hot pursuit.

    “Whose brilliant idea was it to have two maps?” Gabriel asked his new first mate. “Yours, mon capitaine,” replied the first mate. “Right it was me,” sighed Gabriel. He made a note that he perhaps should act so readily on the first ideas that came into his head.

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    The third problem was a bad storm was rising. They would have to search all of the possible locations and had little time to do so. The ship’s boat came back from the first location. Noithing.

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    “A ship, mon capitaine,” called one of the lookouts. Gabriel turned his spyglass towards the newcomer. It was the Carmagnole. A competent commander and an amicable fellow. Too bad thought Gabriel he would have preferred the nefarious Armand as a foe. The Carmagnole was heading for one of the other possible treasure locations and not for the Hermione. Clearly, they had the other map. Gabriel couldn’t say way the Hermione’s former first mate had betrayed the crew and he’d never find out as Lamontagne had the first mate hanged the next day. This convinced Gabriel that Lamontagne had his own, personal plans for the hidden treasure.

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    Gabriel kept the spyglass trained on the Carmagnole. Their crew were working feverously. A chest – they had one of the chests. Thank goodness it was the least valuable of the four thought Gabriel.

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    The race was on for the remaining treasure. To save time, Gabriel brought the Hermione close into the headland in masterly display of seamanship. They were rewarded with finding two of treasure chests.

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    However, their explorations were not going to go unhindered. The Carmagnole had decided that it would confront the Hermione before searching for the remaining treasure. Were they not paying attention to weather?

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    The two French frigates came into close range. The Hermione positioned itself better for a full broadside while the Carmagnole only managed to return fire with its stern battery.

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    The Carmagnole’s crew was green and the Hermione took full advantage to give them the slip. Fortune continued to smile on the Hermione as the found the fourth treasure chest.

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    The storm was coming up fast. Gabriel had scouted the area after the battle with the Spaniard and knew of a cove where they could shelter from the storm. It was a pity to leave the fourth treasure chest behind, but the storm would not allow time for that. Besides it was unseemly to fire on fellow Frenchmen.

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    “We given the Carmagnole the slip, mon capitaine,” grinned the first mate. Yes, thought capitaine de vaisseau, Gabriel Parese….or more like brigand Gabriel Parese, traitor Gabriel Parese….or pirate Gabriel Parese. It was not the future Gabriel had anticipated. They had enough funds to keep themselves going for awhile, but what after that and where should they go?

    Note: the Carmagnole was sailed by Dobbs AI, with some extra 'I' added so the Carmagnole could pick up some gold.

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    I did look at this scenario when I was deciding where to start and thought it was ingenious and worth a go.

    You made a good job of finding the treasure and escaping the storm.

    So now we have Gabriel the Pirate, - I look forward to his future exploits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vagabond View Post
    I did look at this scenario when I was deciding where to start and thought it was ingenious and worth a go.

    You made a good job of finding the treasure and escaping the storm.

    So now we have Gabriel the Pirate, - I look forward to his future exploits.
    Thanks for the rep, John....and, yes, it is so easy to become a pirate. The challenge will be to stay a LIVE pirate.

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    A very enjoyable AAR Paul. If you do any other three from this year 2014 you will join John in his esteemed club.

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    The Business of the commander-in-chief is first to bring an enemy fleet to battle on the most advantageous terms to himself, (I mean that of laying his ships close on board the enemy, as expeditiously as possible); and secondly to continue them there until the business is decided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bligh View Post
    A very enjoyable AAR Paul. If you do any other three from this year 2014 you will join John in his esteemed club.

    I'm all psyched up for the last 2014 scenario. Then I'll be trying to catch up to John for the 2015 campaign.

    And thanks for the rep.


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