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    Since I’ve been selling off bits & pieces of my collection and folks have been PMing about my pricing, I thought it was time to restructure this post showing my prices and shipping charges. Plus I deleted those that are no longer in my collection.
    Thanks for your interest.

    Bundling: I’m willing to make deals if purchasing more than one item. So, yes all prices are negotiable.

    Shipping: I use USPS Priority mailers for two reasons: 1) Tracking purposes, 2) Insurance for you & me. Priority mailers (boxes) range from $8 to $20 for US. If going overseas, will cost over US $50.

    Once we settle on a price & I have your shipping address, I can give you an accurate shipping & handling charges.

    What remains of my collection:

    Sails of Glory - Ships

    • Embuscade / Le Succes SGN103A - SOLD
    • HMS Cleopatra / HMS Iphigenia SGN103B - SOLD

    Ship-of-the-Line: $20 was $15 now each
    • Le Berwick / Le Swiftsure SGN104A
    • HMS Bellona / HMS Goliath SGN104B
    • Montagne / Commerce De Marseille SGN106A
    • Orient / L 'Austerlitz SGN106B
    • HMS Royal George/HMS Hibernia SGN108B
    • HMS Queen Charlotte / HMS Ville De Paris SGN108C

    Terrain Packs:
    • Terrain Packs: Coastal Batteries (un-punched) - SOLD
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