I have just instigated a medal for this area of the Anchorage to come into line with the Drome.
It requires you to produce ten AARs not associated with the Solo campaigns in any way.

I have counted up the AARs which fill the criteria, and must contain pictures as well as the action just like the Solo ones.
So far from the instigation of the site we have the following.

Aaron 5
Nightbomber 4
Bligh 19
Fabbe 2
De Ruyter 7
Captain Kiwi 6
Union Jack 5
Comte de Bruys 6
Texas 6
Fred Miracle 5
Nightmoss 3
MW Bell 2
Hji 5
and 9 others with one a piece.

Let's see if we can get those extra few done and get a few more medals on the board.