Only Sails of Glory and other wargame related items maybe posted for sale or trade in this section. When posting an item for sale or trade, make sure to follow these rules.

Seller's Rules

  1. Post one item for sale per line (if you have two of one item, list it twice and not like "2x".
  2. Include the condition of the item. See below.
  3. Post the asking price.
  4. Include the location of the item (country and state).
  5. Do NOT post your full address - handle that via PM.
  6. When the item sells, make a post that it sold.
  7. When a single item sells out of a multiple listing, Edit your initial post and remove that item from the list.

Do not post auction style threads here, if you want to entertain several offers and pick the highest one, please use eBay for that. Threads that do not have an asking price listed will not be approved.

Item conditions:

New: New, still in the sealed factory packaging.
Like New: Never used, but either opened or not in the factory packaging.
Used: Used for any reason or any amount of time.
Damaged: Describe in detail all damage to the item

Buyer's Rules

  1. No commenting on seller's asking price.
  2. If you want to make an offer other then what the seller is asking, do it via a PM.
  3. Do not hijack the thread.
  4. Once you receive and item that you have purchased, make a post saying how the transaction went. Make sure to mention if the item was in the condition the seller said it was in.

All thread must be approved before they show up on the site. This could take up to 24 hours, so please be patient.