Your ship is on a mission to extract a spy, who has obtained crucial information, from an enemy Island.
On entering the bay where your spy is to be picked up you discover that he has been delayed. The landing site is protected by an unoccupied pair of gun emplacements on an Island in the bay. They enfilade both channels.
You may occupy these if you wish. The batteries are both rated as strength sevens.
One crew box will man an emplacement. Two boxes if you wish to occupy both. In addition to this one box must be engaged ashore guarding the boat which will recover the spy. this boat may be armed with a swivel gun for added protection.
Your spy may arrive at any point during the game. A D six will be thrown after each pair of cards are laid down. On throw one a six will indicate his arrival on the beach. throw two a five or six, three a four five or six etc. until he arrives. Boats move back to the ship at the speed of one ruler width per movement card played.
As the game commences two enemy Frigates appear as shown on the layout diagram.

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With the wind in your favour you have several choices open to you.
Recall your boats and abandon the spy.
Abandon the spy and your crew.
Stop for a move to pick up your gunners from the Island, or leave them there to give covering fire whilst you take on the enemy Frigates.
If you abandon your men to their fate, however, it will be impossible for you to recruit replacements for the December scenario, as no one wants to sail with an untrustworthy captain.
The enemy ships have only one option, to attack and sink or capture your ship.
For victory you must escape the board by any edge with your spy on board. Danger of the spy being killed is the same as for the Captain.
If you succeed in your mission, the rewards will be great, and the Prize court after due deliberation will make your award at the start of next year's missions.

May good luck attend your venture Captain.