My Latest Side Specific Damage Charts

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I developed these charts to make the ships more durable. The charts are put in a plastic sleeve and marked with grease pencils.

Damage is marked from the top down. The numbers on the left for broadside strength represent the forward firing arc. The middle is the full broadside. The right numbers are the stern firing arc.

If a ship loses all the damage boxes in a row on a side, it cannot fire the at that row's strength, and the small square is checked off to indicate this. A ship cannot take more than its Burden of damage on a side from a single hit. Any additional damage from a chit is transferred to the other side. Any damage beyond twice the ship's Burden is just lost (it went completely through).

Note that I changed the way fire and flooding was done.

Fire is now just an automatic Burden-worth of points allocated to whichever side the player wishes. Each time the ship takes a fire hit, a box is marked off in the lower righthand corner. After the last box is marked off, on any additional fire hits, damage is marked as usual, but the player rolls a d6. On a 5-6, the ship explodes.

Leak hits are marked on the lower right. As long as there are boxes to mark, the pumps are able to handle the flooding. Leak hits after the last box is marked off become a Burden-worth of damage, marked as the player sees fit.

Crew units have been strengthened to compensate for the increase in damage that the ships can absorb.

The information at the very bottom is for campaign usage that I am still working on.

101 - Courageuse.pdf

102 - Genereux.pdf

103 - Terpsichore.pdf

104 - Defense.pdf

105 - Amelia.pdf

106 - Orient.pdf

107 - Alligator.pdf

108 - Royal Sovereign.pdf

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    Thanks for the work, mate! :)