How To Rig a SGN ship, the paint brush method

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Now that I've shown you guys the finished results, I thought it was time to show you a quick How To on the method.

To start with, I should make clear that this method does not require any stretch, tying or knotting. As such, it does not look as authentic or add very much strength to the miniature. However, it is much quicker and requires almost no skill or superior eye sight ;)

The whole method revolves around the material used as the cordage. It is simply a house hold paint brush:

Clip some of the bristles off as close to the base of the bush as you can. These individual bristles are what you are going to use for rigging the ship.

Use a permanent marker to color the bristles the color you need, I just use black. The marker works really well as it does not add any thickness to the bristles. To speed things up, clip and color a dozen or so bristles at one time.

The next step is to determine where you are going to place your rigging and measure the length that you will need the bristle to be.

I like to use a clear ruler as it allows me to see through it to the points I want to attach my rigging.

The next step is to simply cut the bristle to the correct length.

I then pick up the bristle with my tweezers and dip each end into some PVA (Elmer's) white glue. The photo is not very good, but you can just make out the two little blobs of white glue on the ends of the bristle.

After that, just simply place the bristle onto the ship with each end on the points you measured for earlier. Sorry, no pick of that since I did not have a third hand to hold the camera (just using the cell phone for this one)! Sometimes you might find it easier to place glue on only one end of the bristle and glue on the ship location for the other end. At times, I've even put the glue for both ends directly on the ship and no on the bristle at all. This works well for when you have to thread a bristle through openings in the sails or such.

And the end results:

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