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  1. What are some good scratchbuilding methods?

    I donít know how Iím going to do guns, deck planking, etc.
  2. A Newbie Contribution

    It is widely believed that Captain William Bligh of the Royal Navy designed the North Bull Wall of the Liffey channel in Dublin, Ireland, causing the development of the North Bull Island. But do the facts support this?

    The biggest problem to face the port of Dublin over the centuries was the sandbank, or sand bar, that ran northĖsouth across the middle of the bay, creating a shallow area at the ...
  3. Movement Card Boxes - Part 2

  4. Weight of Shot

    Quote Originally Posted by Dobbs View Post
    I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone how fast a sloop falls apart.

    It got me to thinking though. A sloop fighting a sloop ought to be able to take damage like a frigate vs. a frigate, or 3rd vs. 3rd, etc. It's just that SoG is treating all guns as the same weight of shot.

    I propose that ships with less than 9 pdrs subtract -2 from any numerical broadside damage indicated on a chit. Ships with 9-12 pdrs, -1. Ships with a mix go with the heaviest guns as the
  5. Reflections on Springing at Anchor

    My newest Springing Rules:

    Springing Rules.pdf

    This was a test of my newest Springing Rules.

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    To set the tableau, during the Quasi-war, the American frigate Saratoga discovers a French frigate watering on a small island in the Caribbean. The French, caught off guard and on a lee shore decide to fight from a spring instead of slipping the anchor.

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